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Team Building
How to choose and utilize teams for motivation and synergy for improved performance.

Effective Discipline Skills
How to utilize discipline for constructive performance improvement and employee development.

Employee Retention
How to provide an environment for motivation and foster the desire to be a productive and loyal employee.

Attitude Development
How do you find a way to overcome the negative forces that allow you to stay positive and to utilize this for accomplishing goals.

Employee Motivation
How to understand and create an environment for motivation leading to improved performance.

Effective Networking Skills
How to effectively network to foster more business. Learn to net-work, not net-sit or net-eat!

Effective Organizational Communication
How to utilize the proper form/channel for communication throughout the organization.

Effective Decision-Making/Problem Solving
How to determine ways to troubleshoot and determine ways to improve performance.

Effective Use of Transactional Analysis
How to determine the best way to approach individuals that foster teamwork, understanding, and better communications.

Goal-Setting for Success
This is a four (4) hour workshop that provides the proper structure through a ten (10) step process that will ensure the achievement of personal goals.

Building Effective Relationships
How to build relationships that lead to better performance.

Business Goal Planning
This is a four (4) hour workshop that provides the proper structure through a ten (10) step process that will ensure the achievement of business goals.

High-Level Strategic Planning
This is a four (4) hour workshop that develops a strategic plan that looks at values and philosophy of the organization along with an external assessment and internal appraisal. The outcomes include a vision and the resources necessary to combat any competition and/or internal needs for reaching that vision.

Utilization of Organizational Diversity
How to effectively utilize and manage diversity for better decision making and teamwork.

Performing Effective Performance Evaluations
How to overcome the fear of giving performance evaluations that lead to employees' performance improvements.

Organizational Behavior
A brief overview of individual and team behaviors within organizations leading to a better understanding of why things can go wrong and what to do about them when they do.

Organizational Change and Stress Management
How to cope with change that often leads to stress.

Organizational Culture Impact on Employee Performance
How an organization's culture can determine the success/failure of individuals; how to properly identify prospective employees; and a methodology for indoctrinating new employees into the culture.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty
If you measure Customer service by Customer satisfaction, then you are probably only achieving 50% of what a strong Customer Loyalty strategy will give you.

Fail-Safe Leadership: Straight Talk for Your Organization
This workshop will demonstrate how a proven and successful Leadership Development program can ensure that results-based processes become such a standard part of your organization that everyone is rowing in the same direction.

Sales for Executives
This workshop will address strategies necessary to increase sales for your organization. The focus will be on the specifics of each individual salesperson as their activities relate to the overall goals of the organization.

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