Free Evaluation

Please feel free to take a few minutes to do an assessment of where you stand now in both your personal and professional lives.

Personal Life Wheel

If the center of the personal life wheel represents "0%" use of your potential on a day to day basis and the outside of the circle represents "100%" use of your potential, shade in what percentage you feel you are using on a day to day basis in each area.

  1. Financial/Career:

    • Proper emphasis on money
    • Budgeting
    • Savings
    • Credit Rating
    • Loan Obligations
    • Investments
    • Insurance
    • Career Opportunity for Growth (financially, etc.)
    • Special Skills
  2. Mental:

    • Things to Improve Yourself (classes, hobbies, reading)
    • Current Events
    • Curious
    • Languages
    • Special Interests
  3. Physical:

    • Personal Habits (exercise, eating right, insurance)
    • Physical Exercise
    • Getting Sick Often
    • Real Vacation
    • Health Indicators
    • Insurance Coverage
    • Living Wills
  4. Social:

    • Social Life (events, clubs, friends)
    • Make/Enjoy Friends
    • Close Friends
    • Favors for/from Friends
    • Social/Service Organizations
  5. Ethics and Beliefs:

    Ethics and Beliefs
    • Personal Values
    • Behavior Consistent with Values
    • Do Others See Your Values
    • Pursuit of Spirituality
    • Participate in Charitable Organizations
    • Honesty & Integrity
  6. Family Life:

    • Time Spent with Family
    • Family Communication
    • Childrens' Interests
    • Understanding of Family Rules/Values
    • Spouse Attention/Support
    • Does Each Member Know You Love Them

Professional Life Wheel

Now, please do the professional wheel in the same manner.

  1. People Skills:

    People Skills
    • Get Along with Others
    • Understand Others
    • Provide Motivation Opportunity for Others
  2. Sales/Influencing Skills:

    Sales/Influencing Skills
    • Ability to "Make the Sale" or "Influence the Decisions"
    • Knowledge of Buying/Selling Process
  3. Productivity Skills:

    • Doing the Right Things in the Right Way each day to get RESULTS
    • Quality
    • Absenteeism
    • Safety
    • Cost Effective
    • Sales/Marketing Efforts
  4. Time Management:

    Time Management
    • Ability to Get things done effectively and efficiently
    • Organization of things to do