Customer Loyalty

"I enjoyed this session in customer service. I truly believe this has been a life-altering event for me. I’ve known that I need to set goals for my life, but I did not know how to actually do it. I’ve come to terms with my weaknesses and now have the ability and knowledge to make myself better. I now know what it is that will fuel my fire and push me to succeed. Thanks for giving me the tools I needed to recognize that "passion". The difficult part is done, so all I have to do to succeed it... do it."

Agent, Meridian Title Company, LaPorte

Developing loyal Customers – not just satisfying your Customers' needs – is the critical differences in creating sustainable organizational success. Customer Loyalty should be the outcome of every Customer interaction. Creating unique points of connection for every Customer should be the goal. Customer Loyalty is a powerful competitive advantage. The value of loyal Customers is: they always return, they brag about your organization providing word of mouth advertising, they are willing to pay more for your product or service, and when there is a mistake loyal Customers are more forgiving.

Through the introduction of the Customer Loyalty process participants will assess their ability to understand and manage their emotions, recognize the emotions of others, and develop the ability to manage relationships with Customers and peers effectively. Participants will also assess the Connection Points in the Customer interaction process and learn how to turn those Connection Points into positive outcomes for their Customers. They will also assess their communication styles, attitudes, goal setting techniques, and develop a plan of action that will increase their skill level to connect emotionally to Customers.


Improved Performance Chart

Key Areas:

  • What do Customers Really Want?
  • The Value of Customer Loyalty versus Customer Satisfaction
  • The Role of Empathy and Effective Listening
  • Identifying Critical "Connection Points" in the Customer Interaction
  • Developing Trust with the Customer
  • Managing Emotions in the Customer Experience
  • Effectively Managing Stress and Impulses
  • Developing Goals for Positive Behavior Change
  • Creating That Powerful "Connection" with the Customer


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As with all of our Coaching processes, the individual participant(s) determine the path required to get the results necessary for their success in their personal, their professional and their organizational components of their lives.

A thorough discussion and investigation of where the individual wants and needs to take their lives, why they desire this specific long-term outcome, and what types of obstacles are getting in their way is conducted.

The specifics of the Coaching process will then be tailored to meet those identified needs, those expected outcomes, and those particular obstacles.

We go into each engagement with our clients with end results in mind. Therefore, while a general path to success is defined up front, other topics and discussions will take place as required for dealing with any obstacles that come up during the coaching engagement.

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