Coaching for Sustainable Success

Turning Potential Into Reality

Why Coaching?

In times of recession, companies and individuals must do more with less. Hiring Executive and Sales Coaches for high-potential performers is one way to get the most out of untapped talent…..Turning Potential Into Reality!

"Your life is about to take off! First, you’re going to be falling wildly in love with who you already are, becoming an irresistible magnet to others. Then, as stars are rearranged and connections are made, you’re literally going to feel the fire that sparked it all. Finally, you’re going to bathe forevermore in rays of pure ecstasy. So.....are you ready for step one?"

Rich Nash

A coach will:

  1. support and challenge you
  2. provide feedback loops
  3. help clarify values and purpose
  4. involve clients in the structure of the development process
  5. help broaden perspectives
  6. teach new concepts and skills
  7. be trustworthy and confidential
  8. help you influence others’ views of you

A coach will not:

  1. be a cheerleader
  2. be a therapist
  3. be the executor of the boss’s wishes
  4. be a shadow manager
  5. be a one-sided advocate

Why Enrichment Strategies?

Enrichment Strategies’ approach is the critical integration of both personal AND professional parts of your life. These parts MUST support each other and mesh together much like two gears providing power and movement for driving your life in the way you pre-determine.  Listen to this audio for more detail (if you've not assigned your audio player to MP3, you may need to download the audio file first - do this by right-clicking and select "save target as").

We have worked with executives, managers, supervisors, business owners, salespeople to not only improve their professional lives (such as sales, management, growth & innovation, and customer loyalty), but to become better fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, friends, and in fact, better individuals. This is accomplished by not just focusing on the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful, but even more importantly, the attitudes and habits where the majority of performance failures, terminations, etc. come from.

How did Enrichment Strategies get started?

After a dozen years utilizing his engineering and leadership skills and knowledge in manufacturing, Rich Nash (founder of Enrichment Strategies) began to look at his life and what had led to his successes. While working with a printing company in northern Louisiana as an assignment from corporate, he was able to work with the employees and management team to take a 15% reject rate down to 0% in eight months. This success came primarily, if not only, from engaging each person to fully understand their purpose in why they came to work each day. CLICK HERE to see a video from Rich Nash.

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